Home Grown Technology

Our development team members are the brains behind our proprietary technology. They are responsible for coding and developing our cutting-edge technology. Our in-house team gives us a competitive advantage, allowing us to create technology that is specific to the needs of the clients we serve.

We know the importance of keeping our information protected, which is why our Information Technology team goes the extra mile to ensure a secure environment.

Our Culture

As our workplace awards attest, Paycom employees work as hard as they play. They thrive on collaboration, yet flourish in an environment that celebrates their individuality.

We celebrate success with these annual events:


We believe our employees are the summation of our successes, which is why we offer an excellent health and benefits program to them and their families, including:

Your Training

We are committed to providing an atmosphere that fosters our employees’ personal and professional growth.

Each employee gets thorough, hands-on training ensuring they are knowledgeable about all aspects of our system. Upon graduation from training, you will be equipped to aid our clients with all aspects of our software. At Paycom, it’s not just about product training; it’s about empowering employees to realize personal goals, while also contributing to the overall success of the company.

“I believe that technology should do two things for you. It either makes your life easier or it empowers you to do things you couldn’t do before. Our development team makes both of these things possible for our clients.”

—William Kerber, chief information officer

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