Employee Spotlight: Meet Sara

Sara has been a Paycom Houston sales representative since March 2015. Recently, I reached out and asked her to share her story.

Describe what you do.

I enjoy meeting new people every day and working with people in all different industries. I love working with my clients to truly understand their needs and showing them the value that Paycom can bring to their company to take their department and company to the next level.

What’s the one word you would choose to describe Paycom, and why?

“Innovative.” I feel like we are constantly finding ways to do things – unlike others in our industry – and strive to be the best at what we do, no matter what it takes.

What advice would you give a new employee for being successful at Paycom?

Identify the best person in your office and learn from them. Work harder than the hardest-working person on your team. I truly believe that mental management and work ethic are more than half the battle to being successful at Paycom.

What makes you proud to work at Paycom?

I’m proud to work at Paycom because of the people that make up Paycom. No matter your department, office, tenure, etc., everyone has a positive mindset, is willing to help, and has the same common goal in mind.

Who would play you in a movie about your life? Why?

It would probably be Sandra Bullock. First off, because that’s my husband’s celebrity crush. But secondly, she always plays a strong woman in her movies, and brings in humor as well.

Where has been your favorite place to travel, and why?

Anywhere with my family. It’s so fun to see the world through my kids’ eyes. They enjoy the most simple things in life.

If you could pick anyone in the world to have lunch with, who would it be and why?

If someone told me to go to lunch with anyone I want, I would take my husband and two sons, Hayden and Tyler. While I wouldn’t change it for anything, we are constantly on the go. Some of the hardest laughs and smiles I have had are just sitting around the table listening to my kids talk and tell stories. You can’t put a price on that!

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